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The Phone App Company® system is built for YOU, the business owner, to be able to own and edit your mobile website and mobile smartphone apps on your own. Some of the various options are.

  1. Full Design Package - Let us design the full mobile suite for only $5000. This includes setting up the iPhone, iPad, Android apps and the Mobile Website. It also includes the App Store submission fees and Mobile Website publishing. You should have an existing website for us to do the design. (We recommend if you dont have a CMS website already) We base it on your already existing website. All of the added features are also included (many of these features are not found on websites such as GPS, Push notifications, etc.). Just let us know in the original App Build Request what you would like included. This package has a recurring monthly hosting fee of $99.99 (NO REFUNDS) per / mo. There are limits to what we will do for this price. It is encouraged for the client to use the system to complete what is left to get accustomed to making the edits in their apps and mobile websites. We are willing to do more but this will affect the price on the design package. The below mentioned App Build Guideline applies.
  2. Android & Progressive App Technology™ Only Design Package - If You Prefer Native Android & Progressive App Technology™ Only $3000. This includes setting up the Android apps and the Progressive App Technology™. It also includes the Google Play App Store submission fees and Progressive App Technology™ publishing. What is Progressive App Technology™? PAT Is the newest technology allowing your fans/clients/community the ability to add the app to the phone without having to go to any app store to download it. That includes iPhone, iPad, Android and any other smartphone format! Just have your fans/clients/community visit the Progressive App Technology™ link and choose to add the icon to your home screen and that's it! Send out or post your Progressive App Technology™ link in emails, social media platforms, text messengers and that's all you need to do to allow anyone to have it on their phone! This package has a recurring monthly hosting fee of $99.99 (NO REFUNDS) per / mo. The below mentioned App Build Guideline applies.
  3. Support is FREE. But we encourage you to use our many tutorials and our Knowledge based question system.

    The following is our App Build Guidelines:


    • The goal of the Full Package App Build Service is to GUARANTEE that your iOS apps are approved by Apple. Therefore we will only create apps that will be 100%approved by Apple.
    • We require the business's website or company content and any high quality images that they want to use, and we'll handle the rest.
    • We will only input the first 5 items within a mobile food ordering, shopping cart, and/or points of interest tab(s).
    • We will not do any edits, minor changes or back and forth revisions to our completed app builds. These are up to you and can be viewed as a way to learn the platform.
    • We will not enter any information into step #5 (app name, icon, splash screen etc).
    • Applications are initially created for iPhone 5 and up.

    App build requests we will not approve with this system:

    1.  Any app build request that falls under the "No-Go" industries.
    2.  Websites that lack high quality images and dynamic content.
    3.  We will not create apps for a city/town or community
    4.  E-commerce websites that require full content population
    5.  Apps in a language other than English

    After the build is complete, we'll email you the information so you can preview the app. App build turnaround time is anywhere from 5-15 business days.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Our app builds are built and ready (with the exception of step 5 completion and additional content population of Shopping Cart Tab, Around Us Tab, Mobile Food Ordering, & Coupon/Loyalty Tabs) for Apple approval. If you make drastic changes to your application, which fall outside Apple's strict approval standards, your app will be sent into our (QA) review process.  Therefore, our app development team will no longer be responsible for making changes to your app in order to gain Apple approval.

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